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For pinball appraisal, please email us the following information:

Daytime Phone

And a few detailed photos if possible.Good quality camera phone pictures of the playfield, cabinet and backglass are usually sufficient. If not, we will contact you back. As we operate on a volunteer basis, please be patient while we review your information. For assistance or immediate help, please contact us at 1-972-638-7272 or info@pinballpriceguide.com

Questions to consider when determining value of your pinball machine.

How much original paint is missing. Has the machine been repainted, touched up or worked on by people who are not professionals? When was the last time it was serviced professionally? Is there rust or corrosion on any of the metal parts?  Is it 100% functional with all targets, switches, displays, relays and assemblies working as they should? Has the cabinet been drilled for lock bars or had any aftermarket modifications, which may devalue the cabinet? These are all questions you should ask yourself when evaluating your machine before placing it for sale.

Many people use phrases like “they’re selling for $XXXX on eBay” or “similar machines sell for $XXX online.” This is rarely the case.  When people see machines for sale on eBay or other sites online, its nearly impossible to compare condition and price. Additionally, those machines with high dollar signs don’t often sell.  Use the “view completed auctions” to see what machines REALLY sold for, not what people are asking.  A perfect example of pinball collectors and sellers overstating value comes to mind when you look at the 1978 Ball KISS pinball machine. If you do a quick search on your favorite online sale site, you’ll find people asking prices nearing $3000. Is a KISS pinball machine really worth that?  KISS machines are also often described as “rare.” Rare is a relative statement and in the pinball world as KISS pinball machines are not rare. They’re about as common as any pinball machine out there.  With 17,000 units produced, its still one of the most common pinball machines of its era.  I would describe “rare” machines as machines with less than 800 units produced or machines where survivability was uncommon, prototype machines, sample games and oddities.  There are plenty of rare titles out there, they just aren’t as well known as machines like KISS, Addams Family or Twilight Zone machines.

Here’s an example of a KISS machine that the owner wanted to sell and described as rare and in good condition. As you can see in the picture, the playfield is worn down to bare wood in some spots, its dirty and has not been serviced in years.  It has mismatched pop bumper tops that do not belong on this machine. Two are from Silverball Mania, one is from Freedom and one is a generic blank pop bumper top. It also has missing and unmatched drop targets.  Not that these shortcomings couldn’t be corrected, but a replacement playfield costs $600 and nearly 40 hours of labor, a replacement set of pop bumper tops can cost as much as $40 and $20 for the drop targets.  I would value the machine pictured in the $350 range in working order.  Compare that playfield to the playfield of a nice original KISS pinball machine to the pictured to the right below:

The machine in the left is a poor example and the machine on the right would be a very good example. I would value the machine on the right in the $1200 - $1400 range. It is not reconditioned and in showroom condition, but is a nice example of an original machine in good condition. 

Value can also vary seasonally and by what are of the country you are in.  There are many factors, which affect value, but it also comes down to what a buyer is willing to value any particular machine at and pay for it.  Often times, uninformed buyers overpay for machines.  Likewise, the highest profit margin in selling pinball machines is to first time buyers.  Always do your research prior to spending money on your first pinball machine. 


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